Answer: Note: Part of the exhibit is missing.

Select the "Public interface connected to the internet" radio button. Check the "Enable NAT on this interface" checkbox.


You are the network administrator for TestKing. All client computers on the network run Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

The new written company network policy requires you to change all network computers from static IP configuration to dynamically assigned IP configuration. The network policy requires a Windows Server 2003 DHCP server to dynamically assign the addresses. You anticipate the possibility that some of the client computers in the company will be overlooked and will continue to use static IP configuration. If this occurs, you want to ensure that the DHCP server will not lease an address that is already statically configured on another computer.

You want to configure the DHCP servers to lease only IP addresses that are not already in use. Also, you do not want to increase network traffic any more than necessary, and you want to minimize the amount of time DHCP clients wait for an IP address lease.

What should you do?

A. Configure the DHCP server Conflict detection attempts to 1.

B. Configure the DHCP server Conflict detection attempts to 3.

C. Configure client reservations for each client computer MAC address.

D. Activate and reconcile the scopes.

Answer: A


You are the network administrator for TestKing. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain testking.com. The domain contains a Windows Server 2003 member server named TestKingA, which contains confidential information. TestKingA also runs IIS and functions as a Web server for the company intranet.

You want to secure the Web traffic to and from TestKingA. You configure IIS to require only secure communications. Users must be authenticated on TestKingA by using a domain user name and password.

TestKingA has been functioning properly for five months. Now, when users attempt to connect to TestKingA by using Internet Explorer, an error message appears.

TestKingA responds to the ping command by host name and IP address. You view the services on TestKingA, some of which are shown in the following window.


! status

1 Star-tun Typs

Log On As

^GdffOUter Browser

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