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You are the network administrator for TestKing. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain named All network servers run Windows Server 2003, and all client computers run Windows 2000 Professional.

Your company is organized in three departments. Each department corresponds to a separate organizational unit (OU). Computer accounts for each department reside in the corresponding OU.

Domain users report that their accounts are locked out after three unsuccessful attempts to log on.

You need to increase your account lockout setting to five unsuccessful attempts to log on. You also need to ensure that you can review all unsuccessful attempts to log on to the domain or to log on locally to client computers. The new settings must be applied to a limited number of objects.

What should you do?

To answer, drag the appropriate security policy settings to the correct locations in the work area. Security Lockout Settings Place here

Select fromthese

Account Lockout Settings t:i f frfcl ti Ï irr ■

Audit Account Logo

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