Windows Server 2003

Domain controller

Standard secondary

You uninstall DNS from TestKing2 and reconfigure TestKing2 as a file server. Then you reconfigure TestKing4 as a caching-only server. Next, you reconfigure the domain controllers to use Active Directory-integrated DNS zones.

You need to eliminate unnecessary zone transfer activity on the network. What should you change in the Notify dialog box?

To answer, select the setting or settings that need to be changed. Select the IP address of addresses that need to be removed from the list.

To ajtOTacicaliy notify se^ontii'y servers the :crre rfian^ei select

■he Automatically Notify ehediboxi and tt.*n specify the server ALtomaUcab noLff:

Server^ listed on jfae Name 5e.r/.erv tdb P The hnlr'.iin^ server: JE adie«:

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