Correct Answers B

A. Incorrect: Speeding up the disks will not solve the problem that approximately half the disk related activity is swapping pages in and out of memory.

B. Correct: Memory: Pages/sec reports the total number of pages being moved in and out of RAM. If the number of Memory: Pages/sec is more than 25 percent of the total number of LogicalDisk: Disk Transfers/sec, it is likely that the server is spending much of its capacity swapping pages in and out of memory rather than responding to user requests. The figures suggest that half of the logical disk transfers appear to be related to swapping pages in and out of memory.

C. Incorrect: Although the processor is under some load, it is nowhere near capacity. A good ballpark figure for processor capacity is 90 percent.

D. Incorrect: None of the statistics indicate that there is a problem with the network card.

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