Media Pools

The Backup Utility of Windows Server 2003 manages tapes with RSM using media pools, as seen in Figure 7-6.

Tip In the real world, do not nest accounts in the Backup Operators group without considering the security implications. Members of the Backup Operators group can connect to hidden administrative drive shares—C$, for example—and have the ability to transfer ownership of files. It is recommended that you grant the user rights to back up files and folders and to restore files and folders to security groups you have created in Active Directory directory service, rather than to this built-in group.

Figure 7-6 Media pools

There are four media pools related to backup:

■ Unrecognized Tape media that are completely blank or in a foreign format are contained in the Unrecognized pool until they are formatted.

■ Free This pool contains newly formatted tape media, as well as tapes that have been specifically marked as free by an administrator. Free media can be moved into the backup media pool by writing a backup set to them.

■ Backup This pool contains media that have been written to by the Backup Utility. The Backup Utility will write only to media in the Free media pool (and it will label the tape with the name you enter just before starting the backup) and to media, specified by name, in the Backup media pool.

■ Import This pool contains tape media that are not cataloged on the local disk drive. Cataloging such a tape will move the tape into the backup media pool.

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