Schedule Backup Jobs

Backup jobs are best run at a time when there is minimal use of the server that is to be backed up. This tends to be at times in the middle of the night rather than during the normal hours that a systems administrator is in the office. Rather than having to come back to work each night at 2:00 A.M., or having to wake up to initiate an early morning Terminal Services connection, the Windows Server 2003 Backup Utility allows the scheduling of backup jobs.

A wide variety of scheduling options is available. Jobs can be configured to run when the system starts, when it is idle, when a user logs on, daily, weekly or monthly. Jobs can be configured to run every week, every second week or every 100th week, just as they can be configured to run every day, every second day, or every 100th day.

Systems administrators are likely to configure multiple schedules on a server, performing a full backup certain days of the week and performing incremental or differential backups other days of the week. The type of schedule they configure depends on the type of media they use to store the backup sets. Six days of incremental backups after a full backup is going to take less time and less space than six days of differential backups after a full backup.

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