Safe Mode

Starting your system in Safe Mode causes Windows Server 2003 to load the minimum set of drivers and services that the operating system needs to function. This option can be used to help identify and resolve problems created by corrupt or incorrect drivers, a corrupt registry, or system services that might prevent the system from starting. After you have started in Safe mode, you can disable or remove devices and services that might be preventing the system from starting, using Device Manager and/or the Registry Editor. To access this tool, perform the following steps:

1. Pres F8 during startup when you see the Please select the operating system to start message.

2. In the Windows Advanced Option Menu, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

After you are able to recover, you can use Event Viewer, Device Manager, and/or System Information to identify any problematic devices. If the problem occurred late enough in the startup process, it might have also been captured as part of the Safe Mode log file, ntbtlog.txt, which is located in the System Root directory (by default, the WINDOWS folder).The log file contains a list of devices and services that were loaded along with whether or not each was successful.

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