You create a shared folder named Test King Docs on a member server named Test King Test King Docs will store project documents

You need to ensure that users can access previous version of the documents in TestKing Docs.

What should you do?

A. Modify the Offline Settings option for TestKing Docs to make all files available offline.

B. Configure shadow copies of the volume containing TestKing Docs.

C. Use Task Scheduler to create a job that uses the Copy command to copy all changed documents to another folder every day.

D. Use the Backup utility to schedule a backup of all changed documents every hour.

Answer: B

Explanation: Shadow Copies of Shared Folders: Shadow Copies of Shared Folders provides point-in-time copies of files that are located on shared resources such as a file server. With Shadow Copies of Shared Folders, you can view shared files and folders as they existed at a point of time in the past. Accessing previous versions of your files, or shadow copies, is useful because you can: Recover files that were accidentally deleted, Recover from accidentally overwriting a file, and Compare versions of a file while working.

By default Copies are scheduled to be taken at 7:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday.

Restoring a previous version will delete the current version.

If you choose to restore a previous version of a folder, the folder will be restored to its state at the date and time of the version you selected. You will lose any changes that you have made to files in the folder since that time.

If you do not want to delete the current version of a file or folder, use Copy to copy the previous version to a different location.

Incorrect Answers:

A: Making files available Offline is irrelevant in this scenario.

C: schtasks.exe - You use schtasks.exe to set programs to run at scheduled intervals, delete or change existing scheduled tasks, and stop or run a scheduled task immediately. schtasks does not provide as much control over scheduled tasks as using the graphical interface D: Using the Backup Utility to make backups every hour of changed documents does not necessarily make these backups accessible to the users. It will first have to be restored. Making use of shadow copies is a better option.


Deborah Littlejohn Shinder and Dr. Thomas W. Shinder, MCSA/MCSE Exam 70-290: Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment Study Guide & DVD Training System, pp. 619-620.


You are the network administrator for All network servers run Windows Server 2003.

A member server named TestKingSrv is configured to run shadow copies without a storage limit. TestKingSrv has the disk configuration shown in the following table.





Free space

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