Resource Records

Zone files contain numerous records that follow a certain format and describe specific types and addresses of the resources. These records are called resource records (RRs). Depending on the type, resource records may contain information about the zone itself, about other DNS servers maintaining the zone, or about mail servers, network nodes, network services, and numerous other types of resources. To add, modify, or delete resource records in Windows Server 2008, you can use either DNS management tools (covered later in the chapter) or any text editor and then reload the content of the zone file directly into the file system (assuming DNS zone is not Active Directory-integrated; more on this later in the chapter.)

You'll find a detailed description of the zone file format in RFCs 1035 and 2052. Among some of the mandatory resource record fields are Owner, TTL, Class, and Type.

The following few sections review the most commonly used types of resource records. We'll begin with SOA and NS records, as they are regarded as the most critical ones for overall DNS operation. Fields of these records are displayed in the DNS management tool in the properties of each zone.

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