RMS Rights Policy Template Configuration and Deployment

Once the RMS server role is installed, policy templates should be configured next. Policy templates can be used to define a content protection policy, for example, to set it to match government classification levels of Unclassified, Classified, Confidential, Top Secret, etc., and associate default security groups of employees who should be granted specific access privileges of the content, based on each classification level. Policy templates can be set up using a wizard in the Active Directory Rights Management Services console.

RMS client software is included with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 out of the box and is available as a separate download for earlier Windows platforms. Please note that clients running Windows Vista SP1 or later, and Windows Server 2008, will be able to read the policy templates from the RMS server, automatically, through what is called a template distribution pipeline. Before this automatic download is enabled, Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 clients will need to enable the AD RMS Rights Policy Template Management (Automated) scheduled task that runs the update, and will also need to configure a Registry setting in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\0ffice\12.0\Common\DRM (this is applicable to Microsoft Office 2007), adding an AdminTemplatePath value of type expandable string value. Set the path to where templates should be read from, which by default is %localappdata%\Microsoft\DRM\Templates, or C:\Users\%username%\ AppData\Local\Microsoft\DRM\Templates.

For all other clients, manual distribution of policy template files will be required, in addition to client Registry configuration as just shown. Template distribution can be done either via a software installation package (MSI published through group policy, or pushed out using System Center Configuration Manager 2007) or as a scripted file copy triggered at logon via group policy.

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