Printer permissions

One thing to keep in mind when multiple permissions are applied to a group of users is that the effective permissions for a given printer will be the least restrictive of all assigned permissions. This does not hold true with the Deny permission; Deny takes precedence over all other assigned permissions.

We have determined the permissions we are going to assign the printer, and we have applied them. Now we need to look at the Advanced tab on the properties sheet for a printer. Through the settings in the Advanced tab you can specify the hours a printer will be available, and you can control how a printer is accessed based on printer priorities. You can also specify how printer spooling will be handled, if and how separator pages will be used, and other options. In Figure 7.4, we have specified the printer is only available from 7 AM to 6 PM. So along with the normal permissions applied, the printer also has limited availability.

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