Step Configure an Ad Rms Client to Allow Access to the Rights Policy Templates

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The third step in the process is to configure the AD RMS client to access the AD RMS rights policy templates. To achieve this, you must copy the AD RMS rights policy templates to the client computer and then create a registry entry that points to the central repository of the rights policy templates.

Perform the following steps to configure the AD RMS clients to access the AD RMS rights policy templates:

1. Log on to the Windows Vista workstation as Local Administrator.

2. Click Start > Computer and then double-click the local disk (C:) drive.

3. Click Organize > New Folder, and then type ADRMSDocs.

4. Right-click the ADRMSDocs folder, and then click Properties.

5. Click the Security tab, and then click Edit.

6. Click Users and in the Permissions for Users box, select the Modify check box in the Allow column.

7. Click OK twice.

If your clients are traveling users and they need to locate the templates offline, you must complete the following steps before rights-protecting a document:

1. Log on to the Windows Vista workstation as a user.

2. Click Start > Run, and type cmd.exe. Then press Enter or click OK.

3. Type Regedit.

4. Navigate to:


Select DRM > Edit > New > Expandable String Value, and then type AdminTemplatePath.

5. Double-click the AdminTemplatePath registry value and type %UserProfile%\AppData\ Microsoft\DRM\Templates as the Value data, and then click OK.

6. Close Registry Editor.

7. Verify that the path C:\Users\UserWame\AppData\Microsoft\DRM\Temp1ates\ is valid. If it is not, create the appropriate folders.

8. Click Start, type \\ADRMSServer\Templates in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.

9. Copy the exported AD RMS rights policy templates from \\ADRMSServer\Templates to C:\Users\UserWame\AppData\Microsoft\DRM\Templates.

10. Close Windows Explorer.

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