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The last step in the process is to verify AD RMS functionality to make sure that the AD RMS rights policy templates are working properly. To achieve this, you log on as Userl and then use the policy template created in the previous step to restrict permissions on a Microsoft Word 2007 document. This policy template will allow certain users to read the document but not to modify, edit, delete, print, or copy it. All other people in your organization will have no access to the document. Do the following to verify the functionality of the AD RMS rights policy templates:

1. Log on to the Windows Vista workstation ([email protected]).

2. Launch Microsoft Word 2007.

3. Click OK on the User Name dialog box.

4. Type in few lines of text.

5. Click the Microsoft Office button > Prepare > Restrict Permission, and then click Restricted Access.

6. Click Restrict Permission to This Document As, select [email protected] in the Select User dialog box, and then click OK.

7. Save the file as \\ADRMSServer\data\ADRMSTest.docx.

The next step is to log on as another user and open the document ADRMSTest.docx. To view a protected document, do the following:

1. Log on to the Windows Vista workstation as another user ([email protected]).

2. Launch Microsoft Word 2007.

3. Navigate to \\ADRMSServer\data and open ADRMSTest.docx.

4. The following message appears: "Permission to this document is currently restricted. Microsoft Office must connect to http://ADRMSSERVER:443/_wmcs/licensing to verify your credentials and download your permission." Click OK.

5. The following message appears: "Verifying your credentials for opening content with restricted permissions " When the document opens, click the Microsoft Office button. You will notice that the Print option is not available. Click View Permission in the message bar. You should see that your AD RMS rights policy template has been applied to the document.

6. Click OK to close the My Permissions dialog box, and then close Microsoft Word 2007.

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