Adding a managed volume and configuring it for Remote Storage

Select the Managed Volumes folder in the Remote Storage tree. Right-click it and then select New O Managed Volume(s). This action launches the Add Volume Management Wizard. Click Next to proceed with the wizard. If the wizard finds volumes that can be managed, it will list them in the next page of the wizard. If no volumes are found, the wizard will not proceed.

There could be several reasons why the wizard would fail to detect a volume suitable for management. First, the volumes may not be formatted with the NTFS file system. Second, the underlying hardware supporting the hard disks might not be compatible with Windows Server 2003. Third, all volumes in the system may already be under Remote Storage management.

We found that a simple volume in a Compaq hard-disk array (excluded from any RAID level) had to be reformatted twice before Remote Storage noticed it. This points to a likely hardware compatibility problem.

If one or more volumes are listed, select the volume to manage and click Next. The Volume Settings page, illustrated in Figure 26-26, enables you to set the desired amount of free space and the file relocation parameters according to your application, circumstances, or needs. Make the changes or leave the defaults intact, and click Next. You will be asked to confirm the configuration before committing the changes. Click Finish to commit the configuration.

Figure 26-26: The Volume Settings page of the Remote Storage Setup Wizard.

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