Configuring the Remote Storage service

Your final step in configuring HSM is to configure the Remote Storage service. Select Remote Storage at the top of the tree and right-click it. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Remote Storage (Local) Properties dialog box appears. This collection of property pages, illustrated in Figure 26-28, enables you to configure a schedule for the relocation of data, set a recall limit, and make copies of the removable media holding the relocated data.

Figure 26-28: The Remote Storage (Local) Properties Settings dialog box

The recall limit, which is set to 60 recalls by default, enables you to specify how many times a file can be recalled from storage within a certain registry-defined time frame. When the limit is reached, all additional recall attempts are refused. In other words, the request is not passed to the Remote Storage service. There is a good reason for this property, explained shortly.

You can also configure Remote Storage to make duplicate copies of the removable media on which the relocated media is stored. To use the copy service, you need two tape drives supporting identical media. The copy service is disabled if a second drive is unavailable.

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