Control Panel versus MMC

Even though the MMC now serves as the focal point for many of the administrative tasks you'll perform on a regular basis, the Control Panel hasn't gone away. The Control Panel is alive and well and contains several objects for the system's hardware and operating configuration. The tools provided for the MMC do not take the place of the Control Panel objects or vice-versa. However, you will find some of the MMC tools in the Administrative Tools folder in the Control Panel.

The Control Panel in Windows 2003 works much like the Control Panels in Windows 2000 and earlier Windows platforms. In fact, many of the objects are the same or similar. Later sections of this chapter explore the Control Panel objects. The following section examines the core set of MMC tools for managing a Windows 2003 system.

Figure 7-9: Use the Customize View dialog box to set view properties in the MMC.

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