Creating a virtual SMTP server

To create a new virtual SMTP server, open the IIS console, right-click the server, and choose New O SMTP Virtual Server. The New SMTP Virtual Server Wizard prompts for the following information:

♦ Name. This is the name by which the server appears in the IIS console.

♦ IP address. Select the IP address for the server or select All Unassigned to have the server respond to all IP addresses bound to the server that are not assigned to other sites.

♦ Home directory. This is the root folder under which messages in process are stored. For enhanced security, this should be an NTFS folder. SMTP creates the required folder structure automatically.

♦ Domain. Each virtual server has one default domain that is used to stamp messages from addresses that don't have a domain. The DNS name is specified in the server's TCP/IP properties or any unique DNS name. You can create additional domains after the virtual server is created. See the following section for more information on domain settings.

After you create the virtual server, it appears in the IIS console with two child objects: Domains and Current Sessions. The Domains object contains the domains assigned to the server. You can use this object to create and delete domains and configure their properties. Use the Current Sessions object to view current connections to the virtual server and, if needed, disconnect sessions.

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