Creating and configuring FTP sites

As with HTTP, IIS creates a default FTP site that responds to FTP requests on all unassigned IP addresses. You can configure this site for use as your only FTP site, or you might prefer to create other FTP sites, particularly if you are hosting multiple domains on a particular server.

Either before or after setting up the FTP site on the server, create the necessary DNS zone and records to accommodate the site. If you don't already have a DNS zone set up to accommodate the FTP site, create the zone on your DNS server with the appropriate SOA and NS records. Then, create a host (A) record that defines the host portion of the site name. For example, in the zone, you might create an A record for FTP that points to the IP address assigned in IIS for the FTP site, enabling clients to connect to the site using the URL After you've configured the appropriate DNS records, you're ready to begin creating the site.

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