Creating root targets

A root replica, or root target, is a copy of a domain-based DFS root's structure hosted on another server. When you create a root target, you copy the DFS structure to the other server, but you do not copy any physical folders associated with links in the structure. You can create a root target from any server in the network on any other server on the network (or the local server), subject to your access permissions. After you create a root target, you can set its replication policy to define how it replicates (explained in the next section).

Note You can't create another root target of a standalone DFS root. You can create multiple targets only of domain-based DFS roots.

To create a root target, start by creating the target share on the new server. The share name must match the share name specified for the existing DFS root. Then, open the DFS console, right-click the root for which you want to make a replica, and choose New Root Target. The New Root Wizard prompts you for the following information:

You can view the current share name in the root's properties. Right-click the root, choose Properties, and note the read-only share name on the General tab.

Server name. Specify the name of the server or browse the network for the server that will host the root replica. You must choose a server that does not already host a root or root replica, as each server can host only one.

♦ Share to be used. This read-only value shows the share to be used on the target server for the new root. If you have not yet created the listed share, do so, set permissions as needed on the share, and then complete the wizard.

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