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When you promote the first domain controller, Active Directory creates a default site named Default-First-Site-Name and places the domain controller server into that site. You can change the name of the default site to reflect the conventions in your deployment plan, or you can create a new site after the promotion and move the server into that domain. We chose the latter for demonstration purposes. This is further demonstrated when we create the CITYHALL domain.

Note It is not necessary to create subnet objects for replication between servers. In the GENESIS

setup. Active Directory would be able to replicate to each server in the site.

Active Directory sees the root DC server in the site we created and puts the root DC of the child domain in that site. Remember that an Active Directory site is associated with an IP subnet. The Active Directory replication topology is built via the site and subnet topology, between the domain controllers, or both. This technology is derived from the Exchange replication mechanisms, and it works on the principal of joining an Exchange server to a site.

When you have two domain controllers on the same site, which is what we have done in the earlier example for expediency, the replication that takes place between the controllers happens very quickly, or at the speed of your local area network to be more precise. This could be anything from 100 to 1000 Mbps.

With subnets, Active Directory gets the information it needs to build the replication topology. In the previous example, it automatically added the second domain controller to the site we created for GENESIS because they shared an IP subnet, but we are going to take the CITYHALL DC and ship it to its new location, which is the subnet, which means that we have to manually move the DC object from the site in which it was initially installed to the correct site. Before we do that, we need to make a new site for the DC, as follows:

1. Load the MMC snap-in Active Directory Site and Services. To find the snap-in, go to Start O Administrative Tools O Active Directory Sites and Services, or load it from the command line. The snap-in loads.

2. Select the site item in the tree and right-click it. Choose New Site from the context menu. The New Site dialog box appears and allows you to create the new site. Enter the appropriate site information and choose the transport (IP or SMTP). Click OK to add the site.

Let's now look at the site object more closely.

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