Creating tasks

After you create a taskpad, you'll naturally want to create tasks to go on it. Select the Start New Task Wizard option if you are in the process of creating the taskpad. Alternately, right-click the node in the tree that is associated with the taskpad, choose Edit Taskpad View, click the Tasks tab, and then click New.

The first functional page of the wizard prompts you to select the type of task to add. These prompts include the following:

♦ Menu command. Choose this option to execute a menu command. In the subsequent wizard page, you specify the source for the command and the command itself. The available commands fall within the context of the selected source. Select an object and then select the desired command.

♦ Shell command. Choose this option to start a program, execute a script, open a Web object, execute a shortcut, or perform any other task you can execute from a command line. The wizard prompts you for the command, optional command-line parameters or switches, the startup folder, and window state (minimized, normal, maximized).

♦ Navigation. Choose this option to add an icon for an existing item listed in Favorites. See the section "Favorites" later in this chapter to learn how to add to the Favorites list.

The wizard also prompts you for a task name, description, and icon to associate with each task and gives you the option at completion of running the wizard again to create another task.

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