Creating virtual folders

As the following indicates, creating virtual folders is an easy task:

1. Create the physical folder to be assigned as the virtual folder.

2. Open the IIS console and open the NNTP virtual server under which the virtual folder will be created.

3. Right-click the Virtual Directories node and choose New O Virtual Directory to start the New NNTP Virtual Directory Wizard.

4. Specify in the Newsgroup Subtree field the root of the newsgroup hierarchy to be stored under the virtual folder. For example, to store all of the support.* newsgroups under the virtual folder, specify support as the subtree. Or, specify a more defined structure to host only a portion of a newsgroup category. For example, specify to host,,, and so on.

5. Specify whether the virtual folder should be located on the local file system or on a network share through the wizard. Select the appropriate option and then specify the local folder or remote share to complete the wizard.

Creating a virtual folder does not in itself create any newsgroups, which you must create to be hosted in each virtual directory. As you learn in the next section, you don't explicitly define where a newsgroup is stored. Instead, the NNTP service creates the folder structure for the newsgroup based on its name and, if applicable, its matching virtual directory. After creating a support subtree virtual folder, for example, creating the newsgroups support .help and support.pubs causes the NNTP service to create the necessary folders under the support virtual directory. If there is no matching virtual directory for a newsgroup, the NNTP service creates the folder structure for the newsgroup under the NNTP root folder defined in the virtual folder's global properties.

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