Network Configuration Operators

Performance Log Users

Performance Monitor Users

Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access

Print Operators

Remote Desktop Users

Server Operators

TelnetClients Users

Windows Authorization Access Group

Members in this group can have some administrative privileges to manage configuration of networking features. They can also make changes to TCP/IP settings and renew and release TCP/IP addresses. This group has no default members.

Members of this group have remote access to schedule logging of performance counters on this computer.

Members of this group have remote access to monitor this computer.

A backward-compatibility group that allows read access to all users and groups in the domain.

Members can administer to printers.

Members in this group are granted the right to log on remotely.

Members can administer to domain servers, including DCs, without compromising security.

Members of this group have access to Telnet Server on this system.

Members are prevented from making accidental or intentional systemwide changes. Thus, Users can run certified applications, but not most legacy applications.

Members of this group have access to the computed tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal attribute on User objects.

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