Disk quotas

NTFS in Windows Server 2003 supports disk quotas, which enable you to restrict the amount of disk space a given account can use. Quotas enable you to more effectively manage storage space because you can parcel out the space on an as-needed basis. Quotas also force users to conserve their designated storage space, compelling them to delete files when no longer needed. You can configure how quotas are enforced when a given user's quota is reached, by either denying additional space to the user or simply displaying a warning message (see Figure 26-4).

Local Disk (C:) Properties

General | Tools 1 Hardware Security | Shadow Copies

I S haf ing


Status; Disk quotas are disabled

[v7 ¡Enable quota man^emer^ r Deny disk space to users exceeding quota linnil Select the defadt quota limit for new users on this volume: f* Do not limA disk usage

C Limit disk space to jNo Linr | ^J

Set warning level to |No Limit | ]

Select the quota logging options for this volume: V Log event when a user exceeds their quota imit F Log event véien a user exceeds their waining level

Quota Entries.,.

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