Figure Use the File to Import screen of the Certificate Import Wizard to specify or locate the file to import

5. After you're prompted, specify the password for the private key in the certificate; then select options based on the following list:

• Enable Strong Private Key Protection. Select this option if you want Windows Server 2003 to prompt you each time the private key is used by an application. This helps you track when the key is used.

• Mark This Key as Exportable. Select this option if you want the capability to export the key in the future. If you don't select this option, you can't export the key.

6. Specify that you want to place the certificate in the Personal store and follow the prompts to complete the wizard and the import process.

You can provide the exported certificate to other users who need to access the encrypted data. You can also distribute the file as you would any other, such as by e-mail attachment or by placing the file in a network share. Because both methods make the file publicly available, make sure that you use a password when exporting the certificate and give the password only to those users who need to import and use the certificate.

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