FTP client access

Clients connect to an FTP site using a Web browser, FTP command-line utility (included with all Windows platforms, Unix, and other platforms), or third-party FTP utility. When connecting from Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, clients specify the user account for the connection within the URL when using an account other than anonymous to access the site. Enter the URL in the form ftp://[email protected], where user is the account name and site is the FTP site name. Logging on as user jboyce to the site ftp.mcity.us, for example, requires a URL of ftp://[email protected] Internet Explorer prompts for the password. To log on using the anonymous account, specify anonymous in the URL.

Note For information on using the FTP command, open a console prompt and enter ftp, and then enter the ? command to view a description of the FTP command's options. Among the many advantages to using a command prompt is its support for scripting, which isn't offered by Internet Explorer.

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