General zone properties

A zone's General property page enables you to configure the following options:

♦ Status. Click Pause to pause a zone and stop it from responding to queries. Click Start to start a paused zone. You might pause a zone while making extensive changes to the records in the zone or performing other administrative tasks on the zone.

♦ Type. You can change a zone's type on the General page to any of the three supported types (AD-integrated, standard primary, or standard secondary). If a server for a primary standard zone fails, for example, you can change its secondary zone on a different server to a primary zone.

♦ Zone File Name. Use this property to change the file in which the zone records are stored. By default, the zone filename is zone.dns, where zone is the name of the zone. The resource records for, for example, would be stored by default in

♦ Dynamic Updates. Use this option to enable/deny dynamic updates by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) clients and servers to resource records in the zone and corresponding pointer records. See the section "Dynamic DNS," later in this chapter, for detailed information.

♦ Aging. Select this to specify aging properties for records in the zone. See the section "Configuring Scavenging," later in this chapter, for a detailed explanation.

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