Generic applications clusters

The Generic Application resource in a server cluster is used for providing high availability to cluster-unaware applications. Not every application, however, can be configured this way. To qualify for clustering, an application needs to use IP-based protocols, so any applications relying on NetBEUI, IPX, or AppleTalk do not qualify. The client portion of an application needs to be able to reconnect if the connection is temporarily lost. Any type of volatile data that an application relies on must be stored on shared storage drives. This, however, does not apply to registry settings, because Cluster Service can take care of their replication automatically. This is configurable using the Generic Application properties. If the destination of the installation is configurable, it is recommended to point it to one of the shared disks. Otherwise, an application should be installed to the same location on a local drive of every node. In both cases, the application's installation needs to be run separately for each node. If all conditions are satisfied, your application might be able to successfully failover, just like cluster-aware applications. However, even if this is not the case, you might still be able to take advantage of the clustering features. For example, if an application is unstable and tends to fail frequently, you can force its restart by setting the advanced properties of its Application resource.

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