Generic script clusters

The Generic Script resource in a server cluster is a custom script written in a language supported by any of the scripting engines present in the Windows Server 2003 servers platform (such as VBScript or JScript). Even though such scripts would be application specific, they need to follow guidelines that are documented on Microsoft Development Network (available at In short, the script has to implement at least the LooksAlive and IsAlive functions, which return a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). These functions are periodically executed by a resource monitor, according to Looks Alive and Is Alive intervals. If the function returns FALSE, the resource monitor initiates a failover. The following script is the most trivial example of the Generic Script resource:

Function Online() End Function Function LooksAlive() LooksAlive = TRUE End Function Function IsAliveO IsAlive = TRUE End Function

Obviously, this is a sample of a self-serving resource that keeps itself alive and has no practical value, but it is used here to illustrate the most basic principles behind the Generic Script resource mechanism. For more meaningful examples, refer to the MSDN documentation. Interestingly, the Generic Script resource is used to create clustered IIS Web and FTP sites in a Windows Server 2003 server cluster. Information about installing IIS Web and FTP sites is provided in the section "Web server clusters."

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