Getting psyched up about installing

This chapter takes you through the basic install routines and then to rollout and sophisticated deployment strategy. We are going to help you cook up a variety of server meals. Microsoft has spent many millions on the installation and configuration process, so Windows Server 2003 generally performs well considering the power that it wields. It is certainly a lot smoother and friendlier to install than any other server operating system in existence (other than the machine you receive pre-installed from the factory).

We have installed the operating system numerous times and on at least ten different platforms with a variety of hardware, from scrap piles to brand names. We have also deliberately sabotaged our systems (such as taking away drives, drivers, memory, and certain system files) and tried a variety of recovery techniques. Our final verdict? If you experience any difficulty installing Windows Server 2003, you must be using very unconventional methods, thrift store hardware, or you're not paying attention to details and recommended strategy.

Take a moment to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine that you are in a class going through installation training. You can feel good knowing that you spent no more than the cost of a nice dinner on this book and that you did not need to mortgage your house for a five-day course.

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