Router port on and

Scope for local subnet: through

Superscope with: through through

Figure 16-8: A single DHCP server can support multiple local IP networks and remote networks.

Naturally, you will want to assign certain scope options, such as the default gateway within each scope, to place the option within the context of the scope. You can assign global options that apply to all scopes in a superscope at the server level. All scopes on the server, whether in a superscope or not, will use the global options when options are not specifically defined within the individual scopes. For example, all clients can probably use the same set of DNS servers, so you would define the DNS server array at the server level.

Keep in mind that superscopes are just an administrative feature that provide a container for managing scopes as groups on the same server. A superscope does not actually allocate options of its own. DHCP options come either from the server (global) or from the properties of the individual scopes within the superscope.

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