Installing Microsoft Office on a Terminal Server

The installation of MS Office XP is much more straightforward. The Setup program is capable of detecting that it is running on the Terminal Server and it does not require special transforms to make adjustments appropriate to a multi-user, low-bandwidth environment. All features, for example, are set to one of two states: Run from My Computer or Not Available. All menu animation features are automatically turned off, and splash screens are switched to the text-based format. If you want to make changes to the default settings, you need to use the Office XP Custom Installation Wizard included in the Office XP Resource Kit. In addition, just as in Office 2000, you can further customize options within each of the Office applications by capturing them in an OPS file by using the Office XP Profile Wizard. Changes can even be applied after the installation is completed (which is not possible in MS Office 2000) by using the Office XP Custom Maintenance Wizard.

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