Keepers of the New Order

As a new Windows Server 2003 administrator, you now find yourself at the center of a paradigm shift. You are also a pivotal component in the change that is under way on the planet in all forms of enterprise and institutional management.

Windows Server 2003 is a great facilitator in that paradigm shift. Companies are changing; a new order is emerging. The way that businesses communicate with their customers is changing. Very little is currently regarded from a flat or unidimensional perspective. Today, corporate workers, owners, and administrators need a multifaceted view of their environment. Managers and executives need to look at everything from a 360-degree panorama of the business — its external environment and its internal environment.

You, the network administrator—specifically, the Windows Server 2003 network administrator— now have a lot more on your shoulders. Everyone is looking at you—what you're worth, what you know, how you conduct yourself—from the boardroom to the mailroom. You are the person to take the company beyond the perimeter of the old order.

The tools to facilitate the shift can be found, for one reason or another, in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. You learned a lot about the Windows Server 2003 architecture in Chapter 1, so we don't repeat it here, except to say that Windows Server 2003's Directory, Security, Availability, Networking, and Application services are in your hands and those of your peer server administrators. The tools that you use to manage all the information pertaining to these services and objects are the Active Directory and the Windows Server 2003 network.

As mentioned in earlier chapters, Windows Server 2003 domains are very different from legacy Windows domains. They are also very different from the network management philosophies of other operating systems such as Unix, NetWare, OS/2, and the mid-range platforms such as AS/400, VMS, and so on.

Before you begin to design your enterprise's Logical Domain Structure (LDS), you have a number of important preparations to make. Besides items such as meditating, education, a lot of exercise, and a good diet, you also have some network administration specifics to consider. You'll examine these items in the following sections.

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