Locating printers over the

With Internet Information Services fully integrated into the Windows Server 2003 operating systems, clients can connect to the print server's printers via the HTTP protocol if IIS is installed and started. Upon connecting to a logical printer share on the server, the server automatically updates the client with the necessary printer driver.

This is a wonderful service for large intranets and service bureaus — a print manager with a flare for HTML can customize the pages for each printer, publishing its features, connection parameters, usage requests, and so on.

Clients connect to the printer using their Web browsers as follows:

♦ HTTP//servername/printers. This Web page lists all the logical printers hosted by the server identified in the URL. The information entered when the printer was first installed is listed on the page, as well as status information, and more.

♦ HTTP//servername/logicalprinter_share. This URL connects you directly to the logical printer.

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