Pilot users

You should use experienced users as far as possible in the pilot phase. With mcity, we decided to test by using members of our own IT team. These people appreciated the scope and objectives of our pilot and were avid participants. We asked them to note problems, and we received a lot of help. Sometimes, however, they caused a few problems for us by being overly inquisitive.

In the HQ pilot, the users were at first oblivious to the fact that the databases were no longer on the original server. Although the users were presented with the scope and objectives of the pilot, they were not in the same camp as our willing mcity users who were trained network administrators and support personnel. HQ users had a job to do and were concerned about finishing on time and were loath to be interrupted with network issues and training. In later phases, the HQ users were introduced to Terminal Services, which was a very delicate phase because they were being converted from DOS to Windows 2003 (a leapfrog over technology that spanned more than a decade).

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