Poor candidates Processor and graphicsintensive applications

Processor- and graphics-intensive applications use a lot of memory and always need dedicated processor time. Such applications may not be suitable for deployment in a thin-client/server arrangement. They include graphics design, desktop publishing, computer-aided design or engineering (CAD/CAM) applications, and software development tools —essentially, any resource-hungry application.

Many modern word-processing suites double as desktop publishing (DTP) environments and can command more resources from the server than the average letter writer. Vast repagination, indexing, search and replace, hyphenation and justification, printing, and layout processing may be better served on a dedicated workstation. Many companies, however, still opt to keep processor-intensive applications such as DTP on the terminal server and simply add more CPU power and RAM to meet the demand. This becomes even easier with the Windows Server 2003 platform, which pushes memory and processing limits well beyond what used to be available.

Applications with special hardware requirements are also not good candidates for Terminal Services deployment. A typical example would be a video-editing application that depends on powerful, specialized electronics or peripheral devices.

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