Running Pilot Projects

The whole idea of the lab phase is to provide you with a controlled, isolated environment in which to test systems and applications that need to be deployed into production environments, and to assess risks.

The lab projects need to be completed and operating with all the parameters that would be expected in the production environment. Only after the lab phase project is considered complete can you promote it out of the lab or hand it over to the pilot-project team, which handles Phase 4. If you have any doubts about the success of a lab-phase project, you cannot hand it over to the pilot-project team.

The pilot phase enables you to place new or changed systems into a controlled and monitored production environment. Starting the pilot phase with only one pilot project is probably a good idea. Naturally, you have many different projects evaluating different things, but in the beginning, you should try to focus on one important or pivotal pilot.

Following are several items that need to be considered in a pilot project:

♦ Pilot objectives and timelines

♦ Participants or users

♦ Disaster recovery

♦ Communication

The following sections describe each of these items.

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