Server name

Pick a name for your machine from the list provided in the deployment plan. This is the NetBIOS name you will use to construct your DNS name. This name is going to be used again when you promote your server to a domain controller. We used the name MCDC00 for the standalone machine that became the root DC for GENESIS. When we promoted this machine, we reassigned this name and DNS resolved this machine as MCDC00.GENES1S.MC1TY.0RG. In the case of C1TYHALL, the server name reserved for the first DC in this domain is MCDC10. Its DNS name will thus be MCDC10.C1TYHALL.GENES1S.MC1TY.0RG. Remember that in the case of C1TYHALL, it is the first level down from the root GENES1S domain, and also two levels down from MC1TY and ORG, which are both 1nternet domain names. To check this information, open the Active Directory Domains and Trusts and select the domain in the tree, on the left-hand pane. Then, right-click the domain name and select Properties.

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