Step Understanding the technology

If you have Windows 2000 experience, you can draw on that, because Windows Server 2003 is much like one huge Windows 2000 service pack. Windows 2000, of course, was a big leap from Windows NT, so system developers had a much harder time using Windows NT know-how for deploying Windows 2000.

If you are making the leap from Windows NT 4.0 (and, we hope, not anything earlier) or from some stagnant operating system such as NetWare, where you have the old NT domain architecture or Netware Directory Service (NDS) to contend with, you have a much tougher challenge. You can draw on any general IT/IS experience that you have, but for the most part, you're learning a lot of new stuff. Saying that you now know all that anyone can know about Windows 2003 after six months of shining a flashlight under the covers is not sufficient;

in fact, it's impossible. Understanding the technology — what Windows 2003 is and how it achieves its objectives — is vital.

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