The gptini file

In the root folder of each GPT, you also find a file called gpt.ini. Two important entries in this file are related to local GPOs:

♦ Version=x. This entry is the version number of the GPO, where x is the placeholder for a number specified by a version-counter function. Typically, the version number is zero-based, and each time you modify the GPO, this counter is incremented by 1. However, this number is a decimal representation of an eight-digit hexadecimal number (a DWORD), which is the data type the group policy processes understand. The four least significant digits represent the Computer Settings version number, and the four most significant digits represent the User Settings version number. In other words, if you see Version=65539, the computer understands this as hexadecimal 0X00010003, which tells it that the Computer Settings version is 3, and the User Settings version is 1.

♦ Disabled=y. This entry refers to the local GPO and tells the dependant functions whether the local GPO is disabled or not. If you disable the GPO, the value placed here is 0; and if you enable it, the value is changed to 1.

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