The Need for Security

If you are new to network administration in general and Windows 2003 in particular, before you devise a security plan, you need to understand the risks to your network and yourself. Unless you plan to hire a security expert, you will probably have to come up with a plan yourself. Chances are good your company will ask this of you . . . your superior will assume that you are well versed in the subject. If you are well versed about security threats, you can skip this part and go directly to the section titled "Rising to the Challenge."

A company's data is its lifeblood, and it needs to be vigorously protected. As the network administrator, you are charged with the responsibility to ensure that data is kept confidential and that it can be relied upon. Numerous mechanisms are in place to assist you with respect to data integrity and confidentiality, and they range from a sensible access control policy to encryption, backup, and availability.

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