Using the Microsoft Management Console

One of the many changes in Windows 2000 from Windows NT that is expanded in the Windows 2003 interface and administrative structure is the switch to a more homogenous approach to administrative utilities. Although many system and operating properties still are controlled through the Control Panel, most administrative functions have moved to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The MMC runs under Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000, Windows 9x, and Windows XP. This section of the chapter examines the MMC and its component tools.

Tip You'll find additional information about the MMC as well as additional snap-ins at / technol/wi ndowsserver2003/library/ServerHelp/926 b72a0-efbd-496c-8ac9-57201fdlde56.mspx.

Using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Windows firewall changes for MMC tools

Getting to know the MMC tools

Configuring your Server Wizard

Using the Security Configuration Wizard

Working with the Managing Your Server Console

Working with data sources (ODBC)

Understanding Control

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