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Windows Server 2003 Bible, R2 and SP1 Edition, is for anyone involved in network administration, server management, MIS, and so on. This book is for you if the questions you have are along the lines of "How do we handle this?"

Granted, Windows NT and 2000 administrators have a leg up on their Unix and NetWare comrades, but Windows Server 2003 makes waves in all IS infrastructures. The audience covers a wide spectrum . . . as broad as the number of services that the product offers. Not only do we cater to network or server administrators, but many chapters are aimed at people tasked with certain responsibilities, such as security, user-account administration, service level, customer-relationship management, e-commerce, and so on.

Although we assume that you are familiar with the Windows environment (from Windows 9x through Windows XP), much of what we offer here is of value to administrators working in heterogeneous environments—even midrange and mainframe facilities. We have also focused on issues of concern to managers and information offices. This is very much an integration book, so you find conversion tips aplenty, culled from an eagle eye cast on every process that may create problems for business systems and processes that are still in place.

Whether you're just trying to get a handle on what's new in Windows Server 2003 and the effect that it's sure to have, looking at installing new Windows Server 2003 systems, considering an upgrade from Windows 2000 Server, or are tasked with converting from Windows NT Server to Windows Server 2003, you will find a wealth of information between the covers of this book that can help you meet your goals.

Everything that we discuss in these pages has been tested and deployed in several early adoptions, in one form or another, so step into our shoes and get a heads-up on the road ahead. You will no doubt go on to learn a lot more about Windows Server 2003, as will we. If you would like to comment on anything or add to what we've written, we value your contributions. You can write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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