Additional Information

■ Microsoft Official Curriculum, Course 2821: "Designing and Managing a Windows Public Key Infrastructure" (

■ "Authenticode for Internet Explorer 5.0 and Authenticode for DEC Alpha— Internet Explorer 5.0" ( 2B742795-D0F0-4A66-B27F-22A95FCD3425)

■ "Introduction to Code Signing" ( /authcode/intro_authenticode.asp)

■ "Frequently Asked Questions About Authenticode" ( /library/en-us/dnauth/html/signfaq.asp)

■ "Microsoft Technet: 5-Minute Security Advisor—Signing Office Objects" (

■ "ActiveX Controls and Office Security" ( /seven/ch23/SecA05.htm)

■ Knowledge Base Article 820738: "About Digital Signatures and Code Signing in Workbooks in Excel 2003"

■ Knowledge Base Article 269395: "Code Signing with IEAK 5 and Later"

Note Microsoft Knowledge Base articles can be found at http://support Enter the article number in the Search the Knowledge Base text box.

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