Additional Information

■ Microsoft Official Curriculum, Course 2821: "Designing and Managing a Windows Public Key Infrastructure" (

■ "Deploying PKI Inside Microsoft" ( itsolutions/msit/security/deppkiin.mspx)

■ "Windows Server 2003 PKI Operations Guide" ( technet/prodtechnol/windowsserver2003/technologies/security/ws03pkog.mspx)

■ Knowledge Base Article 231182: "Certificate Authority Servers Cannot Be Renamed or Removed from Network"

■ Knowledge Base Article 298138: "HOW TO: Move a Certification Authority to Another Server"

■ Knowledge Base Article 313272: "HOW TO: Back Up and Restore a Certificate Authority in Windows 2000"

■ Knowledge Base Article 811944: "Computer Does Not Start After You Use Windows Backup to Restore the System State"

Note Microsoft Knowledge Base articles can be found at http://support Enter the article number in the Search the Knowledge Base text box.

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