Defining CRL Publication Intervals

A post-installation script is commonly used to ensure that CRL and delta CRL publication intervals are defined correctly. Although you can define these settings in the CAPolicy.inf file, adding the settings to a post-installation script ensures consistent application of the required settings.

Adding the following entries to a post-installation script ensures that Certificate Services implements the desired publication intervals:

::Define CRL Publication Intervals certutil -setreg CA\CRLPeriodUnits 26 certutil -setreg CA\CRLPeriod "Weeks" certutil -setreg CA\CRLDeltaPeriodUnits 0 certutil -setreg CA\CRLDeltaPeriod "days"

In this example, the CRL publication interval is set to every 26 weeks and the publication of delta CRLs is disabled with its interval set to zero days.

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