Installing and Exporting the Key Recovery Agent Certificates

Once a certificate is issued, the Key Recovery Agent certificate requestor can complete the installation by performing the following process:

1. Open Internet Explorer at the same computer where the original request was submitted.

2. In Internet Explorer, open the URL http://CertSrvDNS/certsrv (where CertSrvDNS is the Domain Name System name of the certification authority issuing the Key Recovery Agent certificates).

3. On the Welcome page, click the View the Status of a Pending Certificate Request link.

4. On the View the Status of a Pending Certificate Request page, click the Key Recovery Agent Certificate (Date and Time) link.

5. On the Certificate Issued page, click the Install this Certificate link.

6. In the Potential Scripting Violation dialog box, accept that the Web site is adding a certificate to your computer by clicking Yes.

7. Ensure that the Certificate Installed page appears, indicating that the certificate has been installed successfully.

8. Close Internet Explorer.

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