Citrix Installation Manager PlugIn

Citrix Installation Manager Plug-In is a plug-in that works with the Citrix Management Console (CMC). Using the Citrix Installation Manager Plug-In, an administrator can

■ Schedule install and uninstall jobs

■ View packages

■ Change package properties

■ Create server groups

The Application Packaging Process In creating an application package, the administrator is granted three options:

■ Package Installation Recording Packager captures the procedures to install an application.

■ Package an Unattended Program Packager prompts for the application and associated command-line parameters. This is for applications that can be installed without a user interface.

■ Package ¡Selected Files Packager prompts for files and/or folders.

If the option Package Installation Recording is selected, the Packager prompts for the choice of adding Application Compatibility Scripts and/or Additional Files. It then records the installation of an application and builds the package, which is stored in the network file share.

If the option A Package for an Unattended Pro gram is selected, the Packager requests the application executable, optional command-line parameters, and any additional files. The executable, command-line parameters, and additionaI files are then compiled into a package and stored in the network file share.

If the option Package Selected Files is selected, the Packager prompts for the files and/or folders. These files and/or folders are collected and created as a package that is stored in the network file share.

Figure 13-3 provides a conceptual design of the package-building process.

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Figure 13-33: The conceptual design of a package-building process

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