Top adapters Red are connected to Controller A Bottom Adapters Blue are attached to B

Netfinity Fibre

Channel host adapters

Netfinity Fibre

Channel host adapters

Drive side: Loop 1 (Green) and Loop 2 (Black) are redundant

In the above diagram, the first two adapters in each server (thick lines) are connected to Controller A. The second pair of adapters is connected to Controller B. This configuration allows for a single path to the storage. The mini-hubs on the host side are dedicated to a single controller. The mini-hubs on the drive side are configured so that each port can access either controller.

The EXP 500s are configured so that all drives are accessed from any port. The first loop (thick green lines) starts at the top EXP and loops all three EXPs together, the second loop begins at the bottom EXP and connects all EXPs. Each drive can be accessed by either loop. Which path the controller takes to a drive is dependent on it's loop id number.

If an entire EXP unit fails, all drives are still able to be accessed. Connections to the two open ports are not supported at this time.

IBM FAStT 500 Fibre Connections Host Side:

Top adapters (Red/dashed) connect to Controller A Bottom Adapters (Blue) are attached to Controller B Using 2 adapters provides redundancy to the controllers

Drive Side:

Loop 1 (Green/dashed) and

Loop 2 (Orange) provide redundancy

EAPbtiu (Rear)

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