Using Windows Server Backup to Back Up the Cluster Configuration

Key Points

Windows Server Backup is the built-in backup and recovery software for Windows

Server 2008. In order to complete a successful backup, be aware of the following:

• For a backup to succeed in a failover cluster, the cluster must be running and must have quorum. In other words, enough nodes must be running and communicating (perhaps with a witness disk or witness file share, depending on the quorum configuration,) that the cluster has achieved quorum.

• You must back up all clustered applications. If you cluster a Microsoft SQL Server® database, you must have a backup plan for the databases and configuration outside of the cluster configuration.

• If application data must be backed up, the disks that you store the data on must be made available to the backup software. You can accomplish this by running the backup software from the cluster node that owns the disk resource, or by running a backup against the clustered resource over the network.

• The cluster service keeps track of which cluster configuration is the most recent, and it replicates that configuration to all cluster nodes. If the cluster has a witness disk, the cluster service also replicates the configuration to the witness disk.

For more information, see "Failover Clustering Help: Understanding Backup and Recovery Basics for a Failover Cluster"

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